Events Diary

Albert Einstein said \"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never experienced anything new.\"

We don\'t spend enough time investigating the powers of mediumship. This course will give you ample opportunity for you to experiment with those powers with experienced tutors at the college.

The powers of the spirit are there to bring upliftment and enlightenment to human kind. The spirit world is one of intelligence inspiring mediums in many different ways. The title of this week will see those attending working outside their normal boundaries. We will be looking at your abilities in a positive light. We will be engaging the other world’s influence in your unfoldment in various elements of mental mediumship. This will really be a week built on trust for all concerned.

Some elements under investigation: Evidential Mediumship, The trance States including healing, philosophy and communication, inspirational writing to controlled writing, spirit photography, communication through correspondence, EVP, scrying, spirit photography and more.

Any week can only be a success if those attending are willing to allow the other world to influence the unfoldment. The course is suitable for all levels of abilities. It promises to be both challenging and exciting as together we endeavour to breathe new life and clarity into your sensitivity.

Do you feel your sensitivity has reached a plateau? Do you feel confused as to how your mediumship functions? How can you build more confidence into your link with spirit? Do you work with the spirit world or are the powers on a psychic level? Don\\\'t you know the difference?

Socrates said\" The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but in building the new\"

Mediumship is a tremendous responsibility so we will be investigating the ethics which lie within that personal journey. Mediums are the voice for the voiceless; the mirror whose imagination can bring information of comfort and clarity that love does not die, it merely’ changes in shape and form.

Are you up for the challenge?