Events Diary

This course is unique in that it will not be repeated in this form and that it aims to provide a lead into The World Congress of Spiritualists 2018 which will take place at Stansted Hall immediately following the course.

The tutors have each been carefully chosen because of their considerable experience in their respective field, but also because they are innovative thinkers who have each played a part in the development of Spiritualism within their own field and beyond.

The religion of Spiritualism provides in my opinion a foundation for the growth of our individual spirituality. Mediumship, healing, teaching, philosophy and art are all important tools to inform that journey and our greater appreciation of the connection we all have with the spirit world.

The practical elements will look at challenging, extending and enhancing your own personal practice, if we never push the boundaries how will we ever learn what our true ability is?

Although short this course will encourage students to focus on the religious aspect of our movement and its great potential to shape us individually, collectively and effect the wider world.

I acknowledge some will say “religion is an out of date concept in a modern world” I strongly disagree and believe we have to act to focus on and redefine the concept of our religion through a closer link to God and the Spirit world. Words are not always sufficient, our actions and intent will serve to change our lives and the lives of others.

This course will may not suit everybody but if you are truly a thinking, caring person who wants to make a difference this could just be the beginning of a whole new journey.