Events Diary

Visit the Arthur Findlay College dressed for a traditional Victorian Christmas & re-kindle the magic of a bygone era. Ease yourself into Christmas with a pre festive break in the magical & adorable surroundings of the Arthur Findlay College.

Log fires & festive charm. Enjoy spiritualist experimentations, a historical adventure & workshops the old fashioned way.

Each year we celebrate the Pioneers of our Christmases past, this year is no exception.

This year’s theme is Spiritual Healing and we will celebrate the life works of some of the greatest Pioneers of Healing including Harry Edwards, Gordon Higginson, Harold Sharpe, Albert Best and More.

The aim of Christmas week is to assist you to relax, to touch your soul, to help you indulge in the energy of Spirit, forget the strains of the year gone by, to facilitate you to feel better and look forward to the coming year.

We will experiment with Spiritual healing methods old and new, introduce you to different techniques and ways of working with your spirit guides and healers.

Silver Birch said;-

“If you touch the soul, then you help the components of body and mind to achieve the wholeness that brings health”

Other traditional activities of Christmas Week will include Mediumship, A Journey Through Our History, Craft Making, Lectures, Workshops, Spiritual Experimentations, Trance, Psychic Art Demonstrations, Philosophy, Talking Heads Discussions, Divine Services, Meditation, & Much More.

As well as a classic evening of Murder Mystery “Doctor Havago” and his non stop stream of adoring patients, the grand finale gala dinner night gives you the perfect excuse to dress up in your best party attire and includes entertainment by professional singer James Ford with dancing into the late hours.

This is the perfect time of year to express the creative soul. Colour, collage, drawing, music, numerology and the spoken word are a great source of inspiration for the spirit within. Come and enter a world of imagination, to initiate a meaningful painting of life’s story.

Stella Upton will give you a unique opportunity to discover Auragraphs; a painting or drawing that depicts an account of someone’s journey, and the potential that awaits them. We will be working on one to one sittings and groups, in a fun and supporting environment.

Although Auragraphs are of a psychic nature, there will be elements of mediumship to explore. You do not need to be able to draw to express your creativity on paper, for we will help you. If you have iPads or tablets you can bring these with you, to experiment with the modern ways of drawing.

Tarot Cards too were a favourite pastime from the days when the Findlay Family lived at Stansted Hall. Stella will give you the opportunity to work with them and understand how they can help you.

Paul Gaunt, our Museum Curator will share his latest research of the museum’s psychic art artefacts which includes the life works of David Duguid. Paul will discuss direct Art from the 1860’s up to psychic portraiture of Coral Polge in the 1980’s and how it all relates in history.

Paul will also lecture about Psychic photography based on the treasures we found in the College in 2016 along with the most treasured Lyceum artefacts recently gifted to the museum. Pauls Lecture and powerpoint will be a fascinating session demonstrating revealing how psychic photography was done.

Jan Marshall will hold a session on Psychic Detection using methods of remote viewing and telepathy Supported by- Sherlock Holmes, AKA Paul Gaunt.

The Christmas week programme is diverse and there is so much more planned with our other tutors and guest lecturers. Come and experience the magic of Stansted Hall, learn, indulge and relax.