Events Diary

This course offers you the opportunity to seek out your artistic potential, particularly looking at the creation of Auragraphs.

An Auragraph is a pictorial representation of someone’s life, the colours and symbols therein, representing past, present, and potential future. It can be hand drawn or painted, designed as a collage, or a pattern of words. Each one is unique to an individual.

You don’t need to be able to draw to attend this course, as there are many different ways of working with colour and symbols. You will receive guidance and support, from an experienced specialist in the field of Auragraphs and Spirit Art. You will be guided to interpret your drawings, so providing your sitter with meaningful information about them and their pathway.

Allow your creative soul to be inspired, and create a unique piece of art. If you have your own art materials, please bring these with you.

Tel: 01785 615 513