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Minister of The Spiritualists’ National Union
Teacher of The Spiritualists’ National Union
Assessor of The Spiritualists’ National Union
Award of Merit of The Spiritualists’ National Union
Long Service Award of The Spiritualists’ National Union

SNU Diplomas
Basic Foundation (academic)
General Administration
Spiritualist Healing
Public Speaking
Tutor – Administration, Healing, Speaking

SNU Certificates of Recognition
Public Speaking

Steven has been involved with the Spiritualist movement for over 45 years, first attending Kings Heath SNU Church in Birmingham in 1971. He started developing his healing mediumship in 1977 and over the following 17 years practiced this on a regular basis in a number of SNU Churches.

He attended the SNU’s Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall as a student from 1979 and upon qualifying as an SNU Teacher in 1995 he became a tutor at the world famous college.

In 1989 he became a Class B member of the SNU and embarked upon a 10 year course of study which resulted in 4 Diplomas, 2 Certificates of Recognition and Ordination as a Minister.

In 1995 whilst teaching at the Arthur Findlay College an event took place that completely changed the direction in which his mediumship was developing, or in his own words “stagnating”. He was asked to do a demonstration of trance healing. When stating that he did not do trance healing, he was told by the course organiser, Minister Judith Seaman, that he did trance and that he did healing, so put the two together and do trance healing.

That demonstration has become what Steven refers to as a “life changing event”. Since then he has become a leading exponent and teacher of trance healing not only in the U.K., but also many other countries around the world.

Officiant of The Spiritualists’ National Union

SNU Certificates of Recognition
Demonstrating (Evidential Mediumship)
Private Readings
Public Speaking

Stella has been aware of the Spirit World since being a small child. When very young she thought that her mother had a lot of visitors to the house. It was not until later that she realised these ‘visitors’ were actually people who had died. From then on she knew that there was life after death.

From the age of 14 Stella set about the development of her mediumship. She spent several years in church development groups and attended the Arthur Findlay College, as a student for 8 years, eventually becoming a Tutor there in 1998.

Since taking her first church service in 1990 she has been demonstrating her mediumship on a regular basis, along with private sittings for survival evidence or personal assessment. A more recent development is the painting of Auragraphs, to see an example please click on the ‘Auragraphs’ button. To book a private sitting with Stella visit www.aura-originals.com

Along with teaching at the Arthur Findlay College, Stella has also been working with groups of students throughout the UK and abroad. The subjects she teaches are Relaxation, Meditation, Awareness, Colour, Spirit Art, Paranormal Phenomena and Evidential Mediumship.